It’s been 13 years since djs Kiki and Gigi started Fluxxe in a tiny room in BGC. What fun seeing many of the old timers together again.

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Shooting mono with my iPhones have always been a lot of fun!

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Partying for Jac

Australian partyphile, Jac Vidgen, moved to Manila and eventually became part our nightlife’s scene. I’d see him in a lot of fun events but we were never introduced. He’d always gladly pose for my camera though.

Early this year, while having a meal at the Corner Tree Cafe, we bump into him and I am finally introduced. This led to an invite to dinner in his Makati flat where I learned about his parties in Sydney. We became Facebook friends and his photographs impressed me.

A little over a week ago, we found out that he had died of what must have been a heart attack. Last night’s party in XX XX served as his wake.

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